Zeolite Soil Amendment

Zeolite, with its natural sponge-like structure, soaks up the water in the soil. The porous seize, like mineral molecules, absorb moisture and is collected in it. This creates aeration space in the roots. The mineral granules are negatively charged and have a neutral pH; it contains water for more extended periods and maintains the pH of the soil to prevent rot in the roots.

Zeolite is helpful in agriculture and farming as it slowly releases fertilizers and aerates the soil. It absorbs micro and macronutrients in its pores. It maintains the pH of the soil as well.

Zeolite soil amendment is useful because the mineral naturally soaks up the nutrients in the fertilizers and prevents them from wasting away with the irrigation water as well as slowly releases them for the plant roots to take them up.

Zeolite has a natural porous structure that helps in taking up oxygen from the soil into the pores and provides a channel for flowing oxygen into the plant. Oxygen saturation in the soil is increased and prevents bacterial growth and roots from rotting.

Zeolite soil amendment is better because mineral naturally takes up the nitrogenous wastes from the fertilizers and improves fertilizer quality and prevents water pollution caused by nitrogenous wastes. Seventy percent of the nitrogen in fertilizer is wasted in irrigation water and the environment. Zeolite prevents nitrogen wastage.

Fertilizer usage can be reduced when Zeolite is appropriately used in the growing fields. The mineral naturally absorbs the fertilizer as well as the water in it to be released when the plant needs it. This reduces the amount of fertilizer and water required for plant growth. Clinoptilolite use in soil produces better quality crops, more yield, and less cost on growing plants

Zeolite keeps the nutrients in the fertilizer in the growth zone of the plants. It prevents them from wasting water or reach water reserves. The nutrients and nitrogen in the fertilizer are absorbed by the mineral and are stopped from wasting away. This reduces the fertilizer requirements as well as water costs. When manure is treated with natural zeolite, it becomes a natural fertilizer.

Zeolite soil amendment is better than regular soil amendment because zeolite mixed in fertilizer makes the fertilizers better, and they are ”intelligent fertilizers.” Intelligence refers to the ability of zeolite-based fertilizers to release and store nutrients according to the plant’s needs. The nutrients are not water-soluble but are available for the plant to take up through the soil. This increases nutrient and oxygen availability and, in return, increases plant production and health

Zeolite soil amendment natural high surface area and pores in the structure make it possible for the soil to maintain deep root aeration with less effort

Zeolite soil amendment helps in the reduction of costs required for soil maintenance. With its absorption and adsorption properties, zeolite retains nutrients in the root zone. It aerates and maintains moisture in the soil; pH levels are also balanced that reduces lime cost. Zeolite helps both environmentally and economically

Millions of pores within the minerals structure take-up nutrients, potassium, nitrates, and potash in them, making them available in the topsoil as well as root level and preventing leaching as well

Zeolite soil amendment is nontoxic and nonhazardous for both plants and animals. It is the most natural, non-processed, and economically, environmentally friendly mineral available for use in agriculture and horticulture.

Other soil amendment agents don’t last long and break down. However, zeolite doesn’t break down and retain nutrients for a more extended time. It helps treat light and sandy soil and maintaining the pH of acidic grounds. Mineral naturally prevents soil compression and increased aeration of the roots. Zeolite doesn’t swell up when absorbing waters and doesn’t turn into mud or sludge.

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