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Single media filtration for water treatment

Single Media

Silica Sand,Anthracite, or Activated Carbon

dual media filtration

Dual Media

Silica Sand and Anthracite

tri-media-filtration for water treatment

Tri media

Silica Sand, Anthracite and Garnet

Multi media filtration for water treatment

Multi Media Filtration

Activated Carbon, Zeolite, Resin, Bio-ceramic, Manganese Sand, Sand and Gravel

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Anthracite Filter Media

Anthracite Filter Media is obtained through proper grading after the process of mining , washing, crushing and sieving for use in water filtration, it is mined from Jincheng coal field ,which is the largest origin of high quality anthracite in China , anthracite filter media from us are ideal for single bed, dual bed, or multi-media filtration systems.

Anthracite coal is specifically selected for water treatment, and during its production goes through several sizing inspections. Representative samples are randomly chosen for a complete laboratory quality control analysis for effective size, uniformity coefficient, specific gravity, acid solubility and hardness.

Because of its angular shape, some of the sediment penetrates deeper into the bed. When compared to equivalent filter sands, this means longer filter runs and less head loss. Backwash rates are also reduced.
Because of its unique density, Anthracite Filter Media can be used in multi-media filters. At 50 lbs/ft3, it will hydraulically classify and remain above heavier media such as Filter Sand or Manganese Greensand, providing a prefiltration layer.

After more than 30 years of use and practice from water treatment users from all over the world, Anthracite Filter Media produced in Jincheng have been recognized as the most excellent water treatment filter media.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is a porous material that removes organic compounds from liquids and gases by a process known as “adsorption.” In adsorption, organic molecules contained in a liquid or gas are attracted and bound to the surface of the pores of the activated carbon as the liquid or gas is passed through. The primary raw materials used in the production of activated carbons are Coal and Sawdust and Coconut Shell and which is crushed, sized and processed in low temperature bakers followed by high-temperature furnaces. This heating process is known as “activation,” and develops the pore structure of the carbon. Through adjustments in the activation process, pores of the required size for a particular purification application are developed.

We can supply high quality different types of granular, powdered and pelleted activated carbons made from Coal ,Sawdust,or Coconut Shell


Zeolite is a natural aluminosilicate microcrystallinemineral, it has high porosity and high specific surface and it is resistant to abrasion.

Zeolite has been used as filter media after being mined, crushed and screened for purification of drinking water and wastewater due to its large specific surface area and the selective adsorption of substances, such as ammonia, dissolved organic matter and many other cations. Moreover, Zeolite has advantageous hydraulic properties, that is – the filtration capacity of large quantities of water. Compared with other adsorbents, Zeolite is more stable, has better filter features, accessible and relatively cheaper.

Zeolite has great potential as effective adsorbent in numerous processes of purification of drinking water and wastewater, such as water softening, the removal of ammonia (from municipal wastewater, wastewater from livestock farms, the barn manure, water from ponds and swimming pools), the removal of nitrogen, the removal of dissolved organic matter and color, the removal of heavy metals (from natural water, acid mine water, industrial wastewater), the removal of radioactive substances from wastewater, desalination seawater and many others.

Zeolite Filter Media effectively removes fine particles in the range of 0.5 μm to 3 μm that escape conventional media, it has more advantages than sand for removal of suspended particles and turbidity


Garnet is a natural mineral collected from the alluvial soil sources such as river or beach deposits and gathered in a sustainable manner or mined from rock deposits, It is crushed in mills and then purified by wind blowing, magnetic separation, sieving and graded, if required, washing, due to its sharp edges, high specific gravity and exceptional hardness, garnet is widely used as water filtration media . This type of garnet is usually employed as support layer beneath a layer of filtration garnet (usually 0.30-0.60mm) in multi-media filters. The support garnet may itself be supported on a layer of appropriately sized gravel or may form the base layer of a multi-media filter depending on the filter design.

Its high specific gravity as well as its chemical and abrasive resistance makes our garnet filter media ideal for filtration. An effective multi-media filter system will utilize larger sized media on top to filter out the larger particulates and smaller sized media to filter out the smaller particulates. Garnet filter media with its high density is heavier than most other filter media. Garnet’s higher density provides stability within your dual media bed allowing the filter sized garnet to filter down to 10 – 20 micron particulates.

In a multi-media filter, garnet filter media is the finest layer and is located below the filter sand layer. Due to its high specific gravity, the garnet remains in its position in the filter — even after backwashing. Coarse garnet sizes are available for support layers.

Our garnet filter media is a chemically inert, nonmetallic mineral that is known for its hardness and durability

Walnut Shell

Walnut shell is a kind of water treatment filter material made of high-quality walnut shell as raw material, after crushing, polishing, steam washing, drug treatment, and two screening and processing, because of its inherent excellent characteristics of high hardness, large specific surface area, porous, multi-faceted, and easy backwashing, it has superior removal capacity of free oil & grease and suspended solids, heavy oil and other pollutants in water treatment application, it has been widely used in the treatment of oil field produced water, refinery wastewater, direct spraying and casting water in steel plants, ethylene plant quench water, copper concentrate decanting and cooling water etc .

It can reduce oil & grease concentrations from 500 ppm down to 10 ppm or less with lower operating expense.

It can also handle high feed TSS concentrations, and is a physically larger media that is not as prone to plugging as conventional media.

Simplified process of treatment resulting in lower capital and operational costs.

Reduction in the amount of chemicals needed to coalesce and remove smaller oil droplets in water.

Reduction in backwash frequency due to the elevated holding capacity of the media, resulting in reduced volume of backwash water sent to downstream treatment.

Lower system pressure drop results in reduced pumping costs.

Replacement of conventional media, which can be affected by environmental growing conditions.

Lower media attrition rate ,reducing the reoccurring annual expense of replacing lost media and resultant down time to service the vessels

Silica Sand and Gravel

Silica Sand is naturally occurring minerals. It is mined, washed, dried, screened and graded specifically for use in water and waste water filtration processes.

Our sand can be used in municipal, industrial, or residential applications. The low acid solubility and high silica content of our filter sand ensures durable and long lasting filter media performance.

Gravel is mined from high quality aggregate reserves with high hardness physical properties. Thereby making it suitable for extended use with the water and wastewater filtration plants without deteriorations, it is manufactured to be uniform in size which promotes excellent flow and even distribution in support beds.

Our gravel is low in soluble impurities and maintains its quality as a support bed for the filter media.
Highly spherical shape and uniform grading provide Sand and Gravel with reliable performance.
Low soluble impurities limits undesirable mineral leaching into the process stream

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