Garnet for water and air purification treatment


Garnet is a natural mineral collected from the alluvial soil sources like river or beach deposits, which gathered in a sustainable manner or mined from rock deposits,  as usual,  it is  crushed in mills and then purified by wind blowing, magnetic separation, sieving,   if required,  it may be washed by us,  due to its sharp edges, high specific gravity and exceptional hardness, garnet is widely applied in many industries. 

Application of garnet

Sand Blasting

In the process of surface preparation, garnet is blasted on to the surface of the steel with the high pressure compressed air,it creates a profile, which in turn helps in extending the life of the coating. Garnet is the prescribed abrasive for oil companies, petrochemical tank works, offshore platforms, pipelines, heavy equipment repair, industrial parts cleaning and ship building companies

Water Jet Cutting

It is one of the latest and fast growing cutting technologies employed by steel companies to cut metals accurately and precisely. 

Owing to its faster productivity, non-heat generating advantages and lower cost, it is popular in the USA and Europe,  garnet is the only abrasive that can be used in waterjet cutting machines, it is widely used in cutting of marble, granite, artificial stones, concrete, aluminum, titanium, high strength steel and steel bridge decking, automotive glass, textiles, corrugated box board, plastic laminates, aerospace composites, etc.,

Water Filtration

Because of its unique grain structure, it is  used as a filtering media in water treatment facilities.


For stone washing of denim fabrics, Garnet provides only fading of dye without damaging the cloth or stitching.
• Used in Industrial Flooring 
•  used for polishing glass face plates of televisions, computer monitors and optical glasses.

High pressure valves and for artistic engraving or matting of surfaces

Used in high-quality coated and bonded abrasives like abrasive papers, clothes, wheels, etc.

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