Product Catalog for Filter Media

Turbidity water, pungent air, this widespread problem of environment pollution is jeoparding our health, top quality anthracite filter media, activated carbon, filter garnet, natural zeolite can help to remove them, they are economical, safe, strong pollutants removal performance, easy to install ,the attached Filter Media catalog describes their detailed introduction for our filter media

Anthracite filter media has excellent performance to remove turbidity, suspended solids, soluble organic matter, and also reduce iron and manganese from water

Activated Carbon can remove color, taste, odor, chlorine, trihalomethane, humic substances, and dissolved organic chemical from water and air

Garnet may remove suspended solids/ turbidity from all kinds of water and often used in multi- media filtration.

Zeolite can remove turbidity, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria, ammonia, nitrates and phosphates, oils, odor

Filter Media Catalog will help you to choose best products to meet your requirements.

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