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Turbidity water, pungent air, this widespread problem of environment pollution is jeoparding our health, top quality anthracite filter media, activated carbon, filter garnet, natural zeolite can help to remove them, they are economical, safe, strong pollutants removal performance, easy to install ,the attached Filter Media catalog describes their detailed introduction for our filter media Anthracite …

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Zeolite Soil Amendment

Zeolite, with its natural sponge-like structure, soaks up the water in the soil. The porous seize, like mineral molecules, absorb moisture and is collected in it. This creates aeration space in the roots. The mineral granules are negatively charged and have a neutral pH; it contains water for more extended periods and maintains the pH …

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The carbonization process of activated carbon

The carbonization process is one of the important processes in the process of producing activated carbon by the gas activation method. This process is to heat the raw material in the air and reduce the non-carbon elements to produce the carbonaceous material suitable for the activation process. It is the pre-activation process,also the main preparation …

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