anthracite filter media

Anthracite Filter Media is obtained through proper grading after the process of Mining and Crushing. It is used as a single layer or as a top in multimedia filtration in combination with the sand media for the effective removal of suspended solids. It ensures the high quality of outlets from all kind of water and waste waters like surface water, ground water, industrial and domestic waste water, swimming pools, etc.  The higher hardness  of anthracite filter media ensures minimum wastage by attrition in service. The irregular shape of the particles offers a larger surface area and larger spaces among particles which enable high filtration rates with lower losses.  And the larger surface area promotes the efficient removal on algae, turbidity and bacteria.

Anthracite Filter Media Features:

  • High mechanical & compressive strength 
  • Steady chemical activity 
  • Anti-abrasion 
  • Insoluble in acidic, neutral or alkaline media 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Good adsorption capacity


  • 0.6-1.2mm        1.0-2.0mm       2.0-3.0mm        3.0-7.0mm
  • 0.8-1.2mm        1.2-2.4mm       2.0-4.0mm        4.0-8.0mm
  • 0.8-1.6mm         1.4-2.5mm      2.5-4.0mm

Customized Sizes: Smallest to be 0.6mm

Effective Size (mm): Within 3% of the specified particle size value 

Uniformity Coefficient :Within 2% of the specified uniformity coefficient value (1 .2-1.5)

Standards: CJ43-2005(China), JWWA-A-103(Japan), AWWA-B100 (USA) standards


1000kg each are stacked per high quality bag.

Pallet size: 100 x 100 cm

Net weight: 1000 kg

Gr. weight: 1005 kg


 1 cubic meter flexible container bag of 850kg each are stacked 2bags per pallet.

Pallet size: 110 x 110 cm

Net weight: 1660 kg

Gr. weight: 1680kg

Small bags of 25/50kg each are stacked 40 /20 bags per pallet,

Pallet size: 110 x 110 cm

New weight: 1000kg

Gr.weight: 1006kg 

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