activated carbon

Features of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon (also called  activated coal or active carbon) has the following features:

  • High surface area
  • Good pore structure(micaro,meso and macro)
  • High degree of surface reactivity

because of  the aboved features and its ability of regenerate, it is considered as good purification material and the most powerful absorbent in the world,  it may used not only  for removing impurities and dechlorinating ,deodorizing and decolorizing both liquid and air application,  but also as  an economic absorbent in many industries, for example, water , food grade products,  cosmotology, automotive ,  gas,  petroleum industries purification and precious metal recovery etc.

How to remove effectively contaminants ?

Scientific filtration system

  • Enough contact time 
  • pressure drop
  • vessel size

Product specification

  • Butane  activity
  • surface area
  • density
  • moisture

Regular types and additional customized requirements 

Because different types of activated carbon are suited for various specialized applications, selecting what type depends on what  contaminants you plan to remove,  we can supply coal based, wood based and nut shell based activated carbon for you to choose, in addtion, we can supply special products as your customized requirements.

Our products are manufactured to ASTM standards and Chinese GB standard.


               Water treatment

    • Drinking water
    • Waste water
    • Process water
    • Swimming pool
    • Aquariums


            Air & Gas treatment

    • Odor control
    • VOC adsorption
    • Flue gas
    • Air condition
    • Auto emission

              Food & Beverage

    • Sugar discoloration
    • Fruit juice
    • MSG



    • Decolorization, refining and impurities of all kinds of injections

      Precious Metal Recovery

    •    Metal extraction, especially gold extraction.



As catalyst or catalyst carrier in synthetic industry


                                     Impregnated carbon

Chemicals Impregnated KOH,NaOH,P,H3PO4,S,KI,NaCO3,Ag,H2SO4,KMnO4,MgO,CuO

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