Let the water cleaner and the sky bluer

Purification treatment for water and air

Water and air are the source of life ,we all need  clean water and fresh air,  however, with the development of rapid industrialization, the water and air in many places have been seriously polluted,therefore how do we make  the water clean and the air fresh?  it is obvious that purification treatment for water and air is a necessary process,   and then choosing the right purification materials , as  one of  the largest suppiers in the world, we will forge the way to supply more and better solutions for the customers.

purification treatment materials

Anthracite Filter Media

purification treatment materials

Activated Carbon

purification treatment materials


purification treatment material


Specialist in water and air purification treatment

As a specialist in water and air purification treatment industry for over 20 years,  Shanxi Global is located in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province,  which is the largest anthracite coal production area of China, based on this raw materials  location advantage, now  our delivery capacity per  month has reached 2000 tons anthracite filter media, 600 tons coal based activated carbon , 1000 tons zeolite and 1000 tons garnet , they are widely applied in the following industries:

  • water and waste water treatment
  • process water treatment
  • pool water treatment
  • sea water desalization
  • food and beverage industry 
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • chemical industry,
  • metal recovery industry 
  • air purification treatment(odor contriol , VOC adsorption, flue gas, air condition, auto emission)
  • as catalyst or catalyst carrier in synthetic industry
  • and much more whether you require water wash, acid wash , impregnated etc.

Your reliable source of purification treatment materials

Shanxi Global Co.,Ltd is your reliable  source of purification treatment materials , because  we have the following advantages:

  • The origin of high-quality raw materials
  • Strict quality control      meet or exceed ASTM or EN  standards requirements
  • Reasonable inventory
  • Convenient transportation 
  • Quick response
  • Timely delivery
  • Customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

Your concerns, comments and suggestions will be replied  in a short time, welcome your inquiry and visit.

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